Print Publications

"Luminous." CALYX Journal, Vol. 30: 3
“Oldest Heart.” Be A Lady. Cracked Walnut Chapbook Series
“Surface.” Water~Stone Review 16
“St. Luke’s.” Water~Stone Review 16
“Bonnie & Eddie.” Nimrod International Journal of Prose and Poetry
“Ursa Minor.” Wingbeats: Exercises and Practices in Poetry
“Jovian.” rock, paper, scissors
“Both Bodies Did Long Battles With Their Wounds.” rock, paper, scissors
“Razzmatazz.” Ariston
“Story of the Fathers.” Ariston
“the world as heaven, your body at the edge of it.” Ariston
“the human gone out upon its longest thread.” Ariston
“State Fair Haiku.” St. Paul Almanac

Online Publications

"The Sleepwalker." Midway Journal. Best of the Net 2018 nomination; Pushcart Prize Nomination
"Two Sketches of My Son." Midway Journal
“spare time.” Lumen Magazine 
“Polyptch: Roller Garden.” Paper Darts
“Key West Conjure: a footnote.” sleet magazine
“Yokohama.” sleet magazine. Pushcart Prize Nomination
“The Emergent.” Jambalaya
“some glow passing steadily through me.” Jambalaya

Scholarly Publications

"Doubting Dumbledore." A Wizard of Their Age: Critical Essays from the Harry Potter Generation